Scholarships For Seniors


Do you want to go to college? Are you interested in earning some money for college? Well… here’s your chance! There are literally hundreds of scholarships that people want to give to YOU! Current scholarship information can be found here on the Ashland High School website:

Receiving scholarships can be extremely tricky, but here are some quick tips to make your applications great!

Be organized. Stay on top of deadlines, gather all pertinent documents, and make copies of everything you submit.

Be honest. Don’t exaggerate your grades, memberships, skills, or qualifications. It is better to focus on the scholarships that you will be eligible for.

Follow instructions carefully. Some scholarships require you to write an essay, others may want letters of recommendation. Send in what is requested and proofread everything. Typos and missing materials can cost you a scholarship.

Proofread your application: Review everything. Typos are a sure way to not be considered for a scholarship. Consider asking a parent, teacher, or friend to read your application.

Keep copies of everything you send: If your application is misplaced, having copies will make it easier to resend your information quickly.

Search, Search, SEARCH! Persistence is the key to getting a scholarship.  Finding good scholarships is often a difficult job.

And especially, don’t forget to watch the deadline!

Scholarships are an excellent opportunity to earn some money towards college for just being you! Don’t ever be afraid to enter for a scholarship if you don’t qualify for one, because you will surely be eligible for many more!