World Hunger Day


GCC members clapping for world hunger.

Every 4 seconds... Photo by Sara Shaw

If you were on the quad today, you may have seen a group of people, dressed in black, clapping on the half moon. Many people stood around and wondered if Occupy AHS had hit and why there was clapping, while some were smart enough to read their signs and join. Were you aware of the goings-on of this bold, mostly estrogen-filled group’s higher message? Here’s a little more on the subject.

Global Citizen Corps is a weekly club, meeting on Wednesdays in H-36 to organize service projects to help raise awareness and promote action in the local and world community. Today, members were kicking off their first school-wide event in what they call Global Hunger Season. This “seasonal cause” involves quad activities, a TBA date dance and a district-wide food drive.

Signs on the quad read “Every four seconds a person dies of hunger” and this statistic was represented by clapping every four seconds. Co-president of the club, junior Ellia Shelton said that “…It is important to raise awareness and show people whats going on in the world they live in.”

All of the participants were enthusiastic despite minor heckling (here’s looking at you, apple core) and sore hands. The club got people thinking and that’s what

Global Citizen Corps Photo by Sara Shaw

matters. When asked how it went, junior Sara Shaw responded, “I think people

understood and will pay attention to global hunger thanks to everyone who participated.”

All photos by Sara Shaw