Join Model United Nations


Want to save the world? Want to understand international relations? Come to the informational meeting on Wednesday, November 2 to learn more about how you can answers all of these questions through this globally conscious club. This meeting will be held in Mr. McKinnon’s room H- 203 after school. Model Untitled Nations, MUN, is both fun filled and educational. The MUN’s Spring Conference is held April 12-13-14, 2012 in Eugene at the University of Oregon. In MUN you will be representing for the ideals and wishes of the country that you have chosen or have been given to represent. To participate this grand experience, you will be expected to write a few short, informational papers on the topics of this years agenda and the United Nations, ranging from Sovereignty to Green Business, climate change to how to accept the new Regimes in such countries as Libya, Tunisia, and Sudan. It is a brilliant learning experience to open your mind to the outside world and begin to think as a global citizen rather that only focused on your local life. Putting MUN on your resume also impressive, your worldly perspective and your acceptance that cooperation is the road to success. To find out more information on this amazing and unique opportunity come to the informational meeting Wednesday November 2 after school in H-203. Come a join us with our new countries to represent, Iran and Yemen. We shall together bring power to the the Islamic Republics and glory to Allah.