AHS Debate Team’s Latest Victory


Last weekend the Ashland High School Debate Team went to the Clackamas Portland Debate Tournament and took the competition to the cleaners. With a lot of new members on the team, it was unknown how the new team would perform at their first big tournament. However, they proved themselves more than worthy in the tournament, slaughtering the competition in Congress and Poetry. The team still came on strong in Oratory, Extemp, Humorous Interp, Expos and Dramatic Interp. The Ashland Debate Team preformed admirably at Clackamas and will surely perform with the same level of dedication in the coming events.

Teneya Kenner: 1st in Poetry

Jeremy Huard: 1st in Congress

Jonathon Curty: 3rd in Congress, 2nd in HI

Autumn Henderson-Braize: 3rd in DI

Amy Laws: Finalist in Expos

Brielle Preskines: 2nd in Oratory, Finalist in Extemp

Fielding Picton: 3rd in Congress

Once again congratulations and we hope to see more astounding victories in the future.

A victorious debate team! From left to right, front: Jeremy Huard, Tenaya Kenner, Brielle Preskenis, Jonathan Curty and Cambri Williams. Second row: Autumn Henderson-Braize, Lhiam Howard, Crys Ahlstrom, Fielding Picton. Back row: Amy Laws, Michael Skidmore.