A Freshman’s Guide to Finals Week


Attention, freshmen! A looming darkness is perched right around the corner. It threatens you and every one of your comrades.

“The Darkness” is only one name finals week has been given over the past 100 years. But regardless what you call it, finals week comes hand in hand with a chilling sensation, caused by the realization that within the next few nights you will not be sleeping. You will not be eating. You will be holed up with your books, making up for all of the hours you’ve spent slacking. Test after test will be slammed in front of you, each relentlessly hacking away at your brain.

And for you, dear freshmen, this is your first attempt. But never fear, the 2011 “A Freshman’s Guide to Finals Week” is here!

Be reassured, finals week at Ashland High School is not the worst thing that could happen to you. The teachers here at AHS seem to maintain more morality and pity than teachers at other schools. But be sure to follow these guidelines to finals week to ensure your success.

1: Prepare Your Body

Nothing’s worse than dragging yourself into class with your brain barely stringing along. Exercise has a huge impact on stress levels because it produces endorphins. Endorphins do the job of relieving pain and stress, and keeping those little guys active will help you focus, feel motivated, and keep energized. Try taking 30 minutes out of your day to simply go for a walk, visit the YMCA or simply stop by AHS’ own training room, track or gym. Make it a party with a few friends!

2: Make “Me” Time

It might sound cheesy, but letting yourself relax is just as important as preparing. Do this by setting an hour or less aside for just vegging. Kick back and watch some of fall’s new TV shows while you’re at it.

3: Eat REAL Food

As tempting as the bag of Nacho Doritos might seem, grab the sub-sandwich instead. You’ve all heard it a million times, eat breakfast! Go for some oatmeal, fruit, and/or some eggs, and ditch the routine of downing a bagel and a cup of coffee; in fact, avoid coffee as much as possible in order to avoid the troublesome crash. Whenever you can, you should try to eat as many different food groups in a meal as possible (in balanced portions of course). Also, HYDRATE! If you neglect your body’s need for water (at least 6-8 cups a day) you won’t be able to focus.

4: De-Distract Yourself

Stay away from computers, phones, and games at all costs during study time. Or else you will keep adding “just one more minute” until it’s midnight and you’re pulling yet another all-nighter. Check out these website blockers to help yourself out.


Sleep is the most important factor here. Your body needs a minimum of 6-8 hours a night in order to stay alert, energized, and stay healthy. Nobody wants to get sick on finals week. So do yourself a huge favor and just go to sleep!

6: Have a Little Fun

Finals week isn’t all tests, the schedule is modified for breaks between your finals. On days with study periods before school starts, it’s fun to go to breakfast with your pals and do a quick review of your study guides while chowing down on some French toast or slurpin’ on a smoothie. Places like Morning Glory, Rogue Valley Roasting Co., and Chase Coffee are some of the AHS favorites, all within walking distance.

So, young freshmen, keep these guidelines in mind and you will be sure to have a stress free finals week and a pimple free face.

This is the 2012 first semester finals testing schedule:

Wednesday, January 25

8:00-9:15 Review and Study Session

9:15-9:30 Break

9:30-11:00 Exam Period 1

11:00-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:30 Exam Period 3

1:30-2:20 Review and Study Session

2:20-3:45 Teacher Grading Time


Thursday, January 26

8:00-9:30 Exam Period 5

9:30-10:00 Break

10:00-11:30 Exam Period 6

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-2:00 Exam Period 7

2:00-3:45 Teacher Grading Time


Friday, January 27

8:00-9:30 Review and Study Session

9:15-9:30 Break

9:30-11:00 Exam Period 2

11:00-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:30 Exam Period 4

1:30-3:45 Teacher Grading Time


*Attendance during review and study sessions is not required, but is provided as a time to receive help from your teachers.