Biggest Change of the New Year

Cass Anderson relearning how to write the year. Photo by Emma Cobb

The first week of school in the new year has gone by, and everyone is adjusting to the new routines brought on by 2012. The simplest change, but also probably one of the hardest to make, is having to write “2012” after the month and the day instead of “2011.”

This change is one that is felt by everyone, and a even you will hear of multiple accounts in which different people wrote 2011 instead of 2012.
Amy Takeda, a junior at AHS, has been having trouble making the transition from 2011 to 2012. “I know that it’s 2012,” she said, “but I never remember to write it.”
Amy’s not the only one who has had trouble; however, there are also those who think that this year is much easier to transition to. The hype surrounding 2012, with the various apocalyptic theories, made the fact that it was indeed 2012 stick much sooner.

Eero Vanha-Perttula has had no trouble making the change to writing 2012. “It’s 2012!” he exclaimed.

However everyone must make the transition; 2012 is here to stay, so get used to writing it!