SAT Prep: It’s the Climb


The SAT Reasoning Test: the bane of the existence of the common college bound student. Once known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, later the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT now does not stand for anything and so is an empty acronym. This standardized test was first introduced in 1926 to assess the student’s abilities and their preparedness for the great journey.  The Current SAT is scored between 600 to 2400, combining the three separate scores of the Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing sections. These scores are required by almost all universities in the United States, and many around the world, if graduating from an American high school.  Many people say that the essays for college are an important factor, and one’s GPA in the college admissions decisions; however, it is an undeniable fact that those with high SAT scores are still accepted over those with lower score, even if their essays might have been better. “It is a numbers game,” stated Madame Healey–an AP Literature and French teacher at Ashland High School.
What can one do to prepare for the SAT? There are many methods that persons of all walks of life would commonly present to you. Yet, next to buying “The Blue Book” (The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board), and reading through it, there is a plethora of options to those who wish to invest the time to raise their scores, and often have some capital to back that investment.
One of the post prevalent choices is local SAT Prep courses done by Eric Danson’s, offered year-round.  Junior Emma Cobb said that the class was “insanely helpful… in the end I found that it was an invaluable resource, that allowed me to excel on the SAT.” On average Mr. Danson’s courses improve students’ previous scores by over 200 points, showing that taking his course for preparation is the path to great improvements. He offers groups sessions of prep, and one-on-one sessions as well. For more information visit this website through his link.
For those whose assets are not as plentiful as they could be, there are SAT Prep courses at Southern Oregon University located across the street from Ashland High School. This course is said to provide the effective skills to tackle this test, and test taking skills such as controlling anxiety and time management. Both are very import parts of taking the SAT. This is one of the most affordable programs and for more information follow SOU’s link.
Also known by locals is The College Authority LLC, run by Cori Murphy. This is also an SAT preparation site, but it also has information on colleges and the application process. It also has information for those not wishing to take the SAT, their alternatives and what one can do to figure out the test and so be able to vanquish the SAT rather than being cowed from taking it from the test anxiety. For more information follow her link.
The SAT is the way of our modern world, even if some progressives are pushing for its abolishment in the future of many college admission systems. The SAT is an important part of that and it must be taken into consideration. The SAT is a mountain that we all must climb to find the mythical salvation of a successful future on the other side.

SAT Date Register-by Date Late Registration
May 5 April 6 April 20
June 2 May 8 May 22