Deutsche Zeit!


German club is now available at AHS on the second Thursday of every month in the library during lunch.

Germany’s coat of arms.

German club has been in the formation process  since the beginning of last year, but now it is up and running. “It’s really a great thing, allowing for a supportive and helpful environment for anyone interested in or already learning German.” said Riley Richmond, co-president of German club.

In response to the rising number of people pursuing German at AHS, Nathan Markovich and Riley Richmond formed the German club in order to create a community of like-minded people to push for any German opportunities at AHS. Through the German Club network, Nathan was able to learn German in Germany during summer via the Goethe Institute, the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural immersion and language learning program. Learn more here!

“We originally planned on using the German club as a gateway to getting a German class at AHS, but although we did manage to gain enough support and funds to get the class going, it was impossible to cater the one German class to fit everyone’s schedule and level of German.” said Riley.

Although they did not get a class, the large amount of interest has created some slack room, anyone who can test into the right level of German can take it at the college if their schedule allows. So far AHS has been quite flexible. Riley and others currently are allowed to take it during advisory.

”There is really a place for every interest at AHS, and if you can’t find it, you can make it.” – Riley Richmond