Seniors: Countdown to Graduation



Explore the colleges you have applied to thoroughly. You may be able to visit the school during spring break.
Local scholarship applications are available in the Counseling Office the first week of March.
You will receive the SAR (Student Aid Report) from sending in your FAFSA. The information has been sent electronically to the colleges. Check this over for major errors. Call the financial aid office at your school if there are mistakes. Revise the FAFSA as needed.


Local scholarship applications are due in the Counseling Office around April 1.
College notification time. Review your acceptances and financial aid offers with your counselor.
Check housing opportunities at your colleges.
Wait to hear from all colleges before you make your final decision.
Visit the college of your choice before making your final decision, if possible.
Notify the colleges of your decision. Send deposit to be received by May 1.


MAINTAIN YOUR GRADES. Your acceptance is provisional, based on your final semester grades.
Notify schools you have decided not to attend.
Keep your counselor informed of your decisions and scholarships you receive.
Check on placement exams at various colleges. Summer orientation programs are very helpful.
Prepare a budget for the following year.
If necessary, apply for a student loan at a local bank.
Apply for a summer job to help pay for college costs.
GRADUATION! Enjoy your summer.