Summer Sports and Camps

Summer Sports and Camps

Summer is the best time of the year for students, especially high school students. They get a break  from all the stress that’s created from their classes and tests. Students don’t have  to worry about school at all, until August that is, when it’s time to register for school and get themselves prepared for the new year. This break is also a good time to spend outdoors. There are students at AHS that spend this free time traveling and playing sports. There are multiple ways for them to stay active, work on their skills, and enjoy the sport they love even out of their high school season.

For some guys, Coach Hall is taking a team to Japan to play in the Pacific Rim Bowl once again. They won’t be doing any camps this summer, but Coach will keep the guys playing before season begins again in the fall. There isn’t anything scheduled for guys through the other sports here at the high school, but there are other ways. The YMCA usually has clubs that guys can get into and play throughout the summer and into the fall.

For girls, there is a summer basketball team that will be traveling to some summer tournaments. This will be during the first month of the summer, and then the girls get the rest of the summer to themselves. Volleyball will put two teams together to travel down to Anaheim and play in a large volleyball tournament there. The coaches will also be putting on a few camps for both high school girls and those wanting to start playing and who are already playing in middle school. Summer is also the time for softball to really kick in. High schools around the valley put ASA teams together to play local games, along with the possibility of traveling around the state and nation to play in tournaments. They may even have the chance to participate in college exposure tournaments and be seen by college coaches around the nation. There are plenty of camps to go with this sport as well, from colleges and even local high school camps.

For those who are looking for a way to continue playing their favorite sport(s), go and talk to your high school coaches and find out if they have any information. They may be able to direct you somewhere to continue activities throughout the summer.

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