Off to a Blazing Start


After going 33-49 in the 2012-13 NBA season and losing their last 13 games, the Portland Trail Blazers off to a red hot start, ripping their way to a record of 19-4 and bating teams of an elite caliber including the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks.They sit at the top seed of the Stacked Western conference and have the other teams, spectators and their fans in awe. Their players power forward: Lamarcus Aldridge and Second year Point guard Damian Lillard have been leading the charge with their all-star level play while their other starters, Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews have been stellar with their defense and 3-pointers.

Over the past 7 seasons their luck has been superstitiously bad. Portland received the first overall draft pick, passed up on Kevin Durant and chose Greg Oden. He was dealt a possibly career ending injury and was unable to help the struggling Blazers. Brandon Roy led the Blazers from 2007-2011, but was forced out of the game due to severe knee injuries.This was the second time that the Blazers had lost a star player due to injuries.

However, their luck seems to have turned around. Damian Lillard was the rookie of the year last season and they have had solid play from their reserves, which was a severely lacking factor in their last two seasons.

The upstart Portland team has made plenty of noise around the league, but can they keep up their championship level of playing? Or will they falter under the pressure, as so many other teams like them have done before?