Ashland CrossFit

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An up and coming gym is spreading around America. This gym or intense workout is called CrossFit. Crossfit is a gym unlike any other. Each day there’s a different workout led by instructors that had to take classes to get licensed to educate and lead in the CrossFit exercises. Local Ashland CrossFit gym owner Emile Garcia is more than just the owner, he is also an instructor and friend. He has the ability to make you want to work and push harder than your body may be used to. CrossFit is group of people who only send out positive vibes, if you are struggling there will always be someone there to encourage you to keep going. In May there will be another gym opening in Ashland in the North end of town.

CrossFit is more than just physical strength. It’s also mental strength; the majority of the strength that is produced during CrossFit is mental. The cost of CrossFit is paid by the month or the day, but that’s more expensive if one plans on showing up a lot. Looking at the CrossFit gym can be deceiving at first. It looks rather simple and open, but to a CrossFitter it would feel like there are plenty of things that can get make for a great workout in that room. The owner says there are many mottos, but one they are fond of is “we don’t use machines, we make them.”

A CrossFit gym doesn’t contain the machines you would see in a normal gym. The gym contains pull up bars and weighted bars, jump ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells and boxes to jump on. The workouts are designed to fit everyone’s physical aptitude and are meant to push your body at a healthy level. Before one may actually commence in the workouts he or she has to be able to perform all of the bar lifting techniques for safety purposes. CrossFit has done wonders for me and I believe it can do the same for you if you give it a chance. See you there!

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