Intramural Dodgeball Tournament


Intramural Dodgeball is considered one of the most popular intramural sport AHS offers. It began Monday, October 6, at lunch in the lower gym. This intramural sport is extremely competitive. Steve Smith, Coordinator of Intramural Sports says, “Very seldom do we get a girls team”,crossing fingers for an all girls team next year. Strategy does not seem to be commonly used during this sport. Elliot Melon, Dodgeball participant says, “We just aim and fire or not even aim, just fire”.photo 1

Teams are often made up 7 people and there are generally 8-10 teams. Player Shea Scott says last year his team made 4th place and this year they intend to win it.  Players Jesse Carroll, Shea Scott and Elliot Melon say baseball gives players a huge advantage in this competition. Double eliminations began on Monday, October 13. There were 4 teams left. Each team played each other twice over the last couple of lunches. On Tuesday, October 14 The Wizards were crowned the champions of the Intramural Dodgeball Tournament. Champion Nick Sanderson says the most memorable moment was when they won the last match and raised the trophy above their heads. The team was a mix of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The team was made up of present and former baseball players which helped them take home the prize. This dodgeball tournament has been intense and Carroll says they are “building a dynasty”.photo 2