Winter Driving: Tips to be safe in your automobile

Tip #1) Test your brakes. This should be the first thing you do when you pull out of the driveway. It’s a safe and simple way to get a taste of what the road conditions are before entering traffic. If you fishtail and lose control of the steering, don’t brake more. Just take your hands off the wheel, shift down steadily, and stop.

Tip #2) Downshift on hills. This is especially important when going downhill. I recommend first or second gear for automatics, but be extra careful if you don’t have all-wheel or four-wheel drive.
Tip #3) Start your car early. It will warm the engine, and clear the windows. Vision is crucial in icy conditions.
Tip #4) Slow down! Save a life and don’t rush. This might be the most important tip I can give you. After all, the faster you drive, the longer it takes to slow down, and timing is everything.