Senior Prank Guidelines

Senior Prank Guidelines
Senior prank at Verdigris High School in Oklahoma

There are exactly three days left for the class of 2011. Seniors are preparing and stressing over finishing finals and making sure they are meeting all of their graduation requirements so that they can graduate on June 3.  As time passes through the years, students all over America participate in the tradition of senior pranks. Students in other countries, such as Australia, follow a similar tradition called “muck-up day.” The senior prank tradition consists of the senior class pulling a prank on the staff and lower classes for a closure of their high school experience. Pranks pulled by the senior class can be subtle, outrageous, or completely stupid in the eyes of the beholder, but what exactly are the guide lines for the senior projects?

“There is no clear line in the sand when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of senior pranks,” Glenna Stiles, Dean of Students says. If students do participate they should be aware that there cannot be any victims in the prank; custodians and teachers are included in this group. Taking all the furniture from teacher’s rooms and putting them on the quad in 2009, for example, was over the line and forced the teachers to take all of their desks back to their own rooms. Teachers felt violated that students went into their rooms with out permission. “Teachers guard their classrooms like their own home,” says Stiles. “Seniors need to remember that AHS has an honor code, which needs to be followed.” Spray-painting “Class of 09” on the side of the school is also over the line and is classified as vandalism.

If you make a mess, you should assume you will be the one cleaning it up. Teachers that are affected by the senior pranks might be involved in creating the consequences for the students. AHS has a new security camera system that raises the chance of getting caught doing senior pranks. Stiles also states that if she catches vandals, “there will be consequences.” Consequences include suspension, detention and being kept from walking during the graduation ceremony. The prank will be brought to the attention of the local police and will most likely include expulsion if weapons, drugs, or safety hazards are included in the senior prank. Also, any student that gets expelled WILL NOT graduate high school.

So remember, crafty seniors: if you[‘re planning a little special something, be smart. And make this year great as the previous ones.