Spirit Week?


Teachers Allison French and Mark Schoenleber switch it up on Teacher/Student Reverse Day

Teachers Allison French and Mark Schoenleber switch it up on Teacher/Student Reverse Day

Is spirit week playing a game of hide and seek with the school? It was apparent on the first day of the week that no one seemed to be able to find it.

Spirit week at Ashland High School kicked off Monday, September 19, 2011 with the theme of teacher/student reverse day. The point of the day was that teachers dress like the students, and vice versa.  However, the quad seemed far from teacher/student spirited, a seemingly poor start to a supposedly hyped week.

Although a couple teachers such as Mrs. Contreras and Mrs. Sobotka decided to partake in this day’s event, the majority of the students and teaching staff seemed not to care, or had no idea what was going on. Several students at AHS were asked what they thought about the day’s spirit week theme, the following are their responses.

“What spirit week?” sophomore Jackson Popp said.

Popp was one of the students that was either misinformed or had no clue what was taking place. But not to worry, someone who knew about the spirit week day also shared their thoughts.

“I thought that the theme for today was not very creative for the students, and overall not too popular,” Hannah Greenberg said.

Junior Lucas Heilbroner was a member of the scant crowd that actually dressed up.

“I dressed as Mr. Cate for spirit week because his laid back style inspires me to live the chill life I’ve always dreamed of,” Heilbroner said.

Spirit week may have started off slow, but never fear, the themes get better as the week goes on, and as the week progresses people will really begin to take part.

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