Maslow Gets a Boost

Maslow 500 Montoe St..
Maslow Project's new location

Who would have thought that step stools could help homeless teens? Well that’s  exactly what the Step Up to Help Out 2011 Project is doing.Through the making and selling of 35 colorful step stools, which are being painted by artists in the Ashland community, the project hopes to raise money for the Maslow Project.

The Maslow Project, which is located at 500 Monroe St. Medford across from the Central Medford High School, is a non-profit community project that provides basic needs and on-site services for homeless, or at risk youth from school age to 21.

“Maslow Project’s mission is to help youth build strong foundations by fostering self-sufficiency, removing barriers to services and education, and providing centralized access to resources,” the Maslow mission statement reads.

Half of the proceeds earned by the Step Up to Help Out Project will go to the Maslow Project, directly helping homeless, or at risk teens in the Rogue Valley.

To help the Maslow Project all you need to do is attend the Ashland Art Walk on Oct. 7th at the Ashland Art Works Gallery, 291 Oak Street,  where the Step Up to Help Out step stools will be displayed and sold.