Global Citizen Corps showing: “The Dark Side of Chocolate”

Global Citizen Corps showing: The Dark Side of Chocolate

This Friday, February 4 at 7:00, GCC will be hosting a showing of the documentary “The Dark Side Of Chocolate” in the Ashland High School Library.

On the film: Danish reporter Miki Mistrati covers the tragic story behind child labor and trafficking in West Africa.  The Ivory Coast, producing 40% of the world’s cocoa, for companies such as Hershey, Mars and Nestle has become a region of outsourcing for the corporate monsters that dominate today’s grocery stores. This film reveals the bitter behind the sweet, child labor in the midst of America’s favorite treat: “The Dark Side of Chocolate.”

Further the cause by donating at the showing (a fund will be available through GCC) and visit The Dark Side of Chocolate for more information.