Student Senate Elections Bulletin


 Student Senate Elections will occur the week of October 3rd-October 7th!

Student Senate Responsibilities:

  • A student senator will be elected by his/her Advisory class
  • Senators must exemplify AHS Code of Conduct
  • If a senator has a disciplinary referral, they will be removed from office
  • Senators are responsible for attending one Student Senate meeting each month (during TCB time)
  • Senators should be able to communicate well both in speaking and writing
  • Senators should bring ideas for school improvement to the Senate meetings and relay information back to their Advisory
  • Student Senate provides a vehicle for increasing student voice in school policies, school improvement, and Leadership business


Voting Process:

  • Interested students nominate themselves and state why they are interested and why they would be a good Senator
  • Teachers put all nominated names on the board
  • Students will vote by writing the name of the student that they wish to elect on a piece of paper
  • If there are more than four students nominated, then each advisee can vote for two students
  • The student who earns the most votes is the Advisory representative for the semester
  • There will be a second election in February for the second semester representative