Rogue News Newspaper Sports Crossword

Rogue News Newspaper Sports Crossword

Our sister publication, the Rogue News Newspaper, recently published a crossword puzzle. If you’ve already completed it, check the answers below. If you’ve already given the puzzle a try, check the answers below. If you haven’t yet, go get a paper!



1.       Last name of boy’s varsity soccer top scorer

2.       Team with the most recent state championship

3.       Number of volleyball games needed to win a match

4.       Number of swimming strokes

5.       Girls varsity basketball player chosen for All-Star team last season

6.       Last name of 2008 quarterback

7.       Last name of bowling team coach



1.       4. Last name of boy’s water polo goalie

2.       5. Defense ran by girl’s varsity soccer

8.       Last name of the boy’s basketball player who scored the winning shot against Eagle Point last season

9.       Last name of 2011 baseball pitcher

10.   Last name of football’s starting center

11.   Team that won state championship in 2008

12.   Last name of last years girl’s tennis  #1 singles