The Cross Country Experience: 2012

The Cross Country Experience: 2012

This Cross Country year was one that can be compared to few if any past years. Our team faced new and formidable challenges yet still achieved significant goals in the face of such opposition. Anything ranging from a new coach, to increased rates of injury, to a changed course schedule, to a loss of a significant portion of the seniors all contributed as significant headwinds in the face of an undoubtedly treacherous season, but they prevailed; they took it on; they triumphed over their own internal competitors and fought valiantly against all of their external competitors. It won’t go down as the season for the most wins, nor the season with the most PRs, but it was certainly an extraordinary season of spirit and sportsmanship.

Season Report

Girls: The girls team this year had their highest point in the first three races of the year. Their pride at achieving their goals for these races is found in the fact that they, as a team, are significantly smaller than any of the competing teams at a ratio of about 15:50. The sheer number of individuals on the opposing teams allows them an advantage over the Ashland High School team, yet they held their own. Unfortunately, following these three victories a series of injuries ensued and the new coach: Leland Fulton made it a priority to put his team’s recovery before winning. So, instead of training the team rested and healed, and as a result los

Boys: This year was a tough one for the boys cross-country team. With just about every senior graduated, they were left without a varsity team. While there were no clear Ashland victories, the boys JV still performed well. Fortunately, the future is bright for the JV team, as they have a solid freshman population. These freshmen will provide a full and powerful force their senior year.

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