Water Polo 2013: Swimming to State


Photo by Janet Renteria

The Water Polo 2013 season has come to an end with fantastic results. Both the boys and girls team made it to the Oregon 5A Water Polo State Championships finishing in 3rd place. State took place in Corvallis Oregon. “At State we had a lot more on our shoulders because it’s the most important game all season. There was a large crowd which was something to get used to,” senior Jordan Renteria says. Water Polo is a game of strategizing and trying to fake-out your opponents. The water polo team doesn’t always make it to State, so it was special and a season to remember.  Their coaches who helped lead them to State were head coach Andrew Delcarlo and assistant coaches Allison Gida and Adam Good. Captains of the boys were seniors Cole Harding and Hoku Eggertsen and captains of the girls were seniors Sadie Kasiah and Maddie Longshore. This season was very sentimental to the seniors. “We dedicated games to people, like the seniors. It showed that our team was really working hard for us. It’s important to work hard at every practice and try to enjoy it as much as possible because it’ll go by really fast,” senior co-captain of the girls Sadie Kasiah says. “We made it to state but beneath all my excitement, I had to realize that it was my last match,” Renteria says. A few freshmen were welcomed to the team this year. “Getting to play in state was my highlight. I wasn’t nervous, I felt confident. I loved playing with the team because it was like a big family,” freshman Leilani Sukles says. AHS is proud of the water polo teams for their hard work and ending their season 3rd in the state.