AHS Football


Lakeview 0, Ashland 20. Oct. 19 1933

Lakeview 0, Ashland 20. Oct. 19 1933

The first AHS Football team was formed in 1898. The first varsity and junior varsity boys were coached by the first AHS foot ball coach, Lewis Stanley. Since 1898 the AHS foot ball team has gone through thirty-two coaches, won three state championships, and a total of seven 6AAA and 5A conferences.

Coach Charlie Hall, the head coach this year, was the assistant coach for two years, and the head coach from 2005 till present day. Coach Hall has coached the team to win 40 games in six years and make many other improvements.

Every year the football team on average acquires 45 players, the players are from freshman to senior classes. Coach Hall from his own experience reports, “the players care about the program and the Grizzly tradition.”

Ever two years the Grizzly football team plays the Japan All Star team in the Pacific Rim Bowl. The next game is July twenty-ninth, in 2011. The Grizzly boys had a good season and will be back in action next season