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    gilsurfOct 26, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    I had the joy of swimming with Kai in Rota when he was really young. Kai’s parents and a group of people who enjoyed long swims would go for an afternoon swim along the reefs of Rota. Mark, Kai’s dad, would tow a longboard (long surfboard) on a leash tied to his ankle. Kai would sit on the board cross legged mask in his lap. He looked like a little Buddha sitting there peacefully. Then Kai would tug on the leash to get dad’s attention. “Daddy, I want to swim.” Kai would jump in the water with his mask on, swim circles around us all and then hop back on the longboard and we would continue our swim.

    Rules like this need to have language that allows for a judgement based on the situation. Here you have a student who has made a conscious choice to broaden his horizons educationally and socially. He could go anywhere in the world with his swimming talents. He chose the city of his birth where he has family. Why not welcome into the joys of high school athletics?

    Go Kai!

    St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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