Taking Care of Business


To some, “Taking Care of Business” time is one of Advisory’s few redeeming qualities. Forty minutes each white day we’re allotted to sit down and do work― and so far we’ve accepted this with open arms. If Advisory were an awful family reunion, students would point out TCB time as a sorta cool cousin. However, TCB time may not be what it’s cracked up to be…

‘T.C.B.’ is a feeble attempt by the administration to inject “Kool Slang” into the vernacular, for it could be lots of things: “Tiny Cuddly Bears,” “Token Collecting Barista”, “Teal Corduroy Blue-jeans.” All of the above are better uses of the the already scarce alphabet letters (which run about $90 a barrel).

I go home and I do homework.You go home and you do homework. He/she/it goes home and he/she/it does homework. We can all remember how infuriating our first homework assignment was, but the thing is that homework is here to stay. I was once told by my 5th grade teacher that homework was for practicing skills away from the help of my teacher. So, if we take away the “home” from “homework,” we get “work” which we already have enough of at school.

My biggest fear is that we’ll keep taking away more and more time from our classes, so that in a few years we’ll have 7 hours and 40 minutes of study hall per day. This will be very popular.  But with nothing to stop it, our whole lives will soon be structured study hall.

We’ve seen that TCB time is a one-way ticket to 24-hr school, a meaningless acronym, and a false friend to us all. Is 40 minutes of study hall really worth this? I don’t think so, and you shouldn’t either. So please, do your homework at home.


Students living a life of quiet desperation.