Basketball Season


The 2013-2014 AHS basketball season is quickly approaching! Practices for girls and boys start November 18 and games start on December 5. “I’m really looking forward to playing for the Ashland Grizzlies! One my goals for the team is to make it to state,” Collin Malcolm says, a junior on the varsity boys team. The players’ goals and strategies are already being planned out in anticipation of this season. “I’m looking forward to bonding with my teammates and improving my ball handling. One of my goals is to play as hard as I can throughout the season and in each game,” Sophomore Lilli Patton says with excitement. Ashley Hafner will coach the varsity girls and Jeff Schlecht will coach the varsity boys. There are six teams in total: Freshmen, JV, and Varsity for both boys and girls. The teams will be selected during a hard week of tryouts. Each player is expected to be respectful to teammates and coaches, accountable, supportive and hard working throughout the entire season. The basketball programs’ goal for the players is to increase their knowledge and skill while learning life lessons. The basketball games will be supported by many fans and the winter cheerleading squad.

First girls varsity home game: December 17, 2013

First boys varsity home game: January 7, 2014


Go to to find the entire 2013-2014 AHS basketball season schedule.